Common Problems

Our doctors, Dr. Wade J. Najem II and Dr. Lisa A. Lehky are excited to offer solutions to common problems that so many people face. Heavily involved in the orthodontic community, our orthodontists are active members in many dental and orthodontic organizations. We enjoy helping children and adults uncover their best smile. We offer treatments such as Invisalign and Incognito braces to help our patients achieve those smiles.

Types of Common Problems

Dr. Najem and Dr. Lehky will work diligently to identify your individual problem and do their best to inform you of your choices. The most common problems are below.

  • Underbite: An underbite is identified as the lower jaw extending out farther than the upper front teeth.
  • Spacing: This problem is characterized by having large or small spaces in between the teeth. Missing or misaligned teeth could cause this problem.
  • Overjet -Upper Front Teeth Protrusion: Similar to an underbite, this problem is characterized by the upper front teeth extending outward too far forward. This type of bite could impact the function and appearance of your bite. The lower teeth may extend too far back, enhancing the problem functionally or aesthetically.
  • Crowding: This occurs when teeth don't have enough room to erupt from the gum. This may cause flossing to be difficult as the spaces between teeth are too tight.
  • Crossbite: This situation causes the upper teeth to sit inside the lower teeth, causing tooth stratification and/or misaligned jaw growth.
  • Overbite-deep bite: When biting down the upper front teeth cover up the lower front teeth more than 25% and at times the Overbite is so severe that the lower front teeth bite into the roof of the mouth causing damage to the tissue on the palate.
  • Openbite: Making it difficult to bite down and chew on food, the upper and lower front teeth do not overlap. Habits like tongue thrusting can occur with this problem.
  • Dual Midlines Not Matched: This is a problem that happens when the back bite does not fit and match appropriately. This may impact proper jaw and dental function.

Further Questions

If any of these problems or elements from multiple problems sound familiar to you, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We would love to help identify your unique situation and offer solutions for you. We offer easy payment options and are conveniently location in the Warren, Fairlawn, Cortland, and Akron, OH area.