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Revised January 1st  2023











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Table of Contents


Directors and Faculty of the Corporation -------------------------------------   3

Academic Calendar, Admin Hours, and Holidays----------------------------   4

Admission Requirements---------------------------------------------------------- 4

Orientation, Course Hours--------------------------------------------------------- 5

Program Classes, Detailed --------------------------------------------------------6-7

Standards of Satisfactory Progress and Completion ---------------------------8

Description of Certificate Awarded --------------------------------------------- 9

Tuition, Financial Arrangements, Financial Aid-------------------------------- 10-11

Refund Policy ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 12

Physical Facilities and Equipment ----------------------------------------------  13

Student Grievances ---------------------------------------------------------------- 14

Placement Services----------------------------------------------------------------- 15

Policy on Student Conduct -------------------------------------------------------- 16

Learning Resource System-------------------------------------------------------- 17

Student Records--------------------------------------------------------------------- 18





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Director and Faculty of

Excel Dental Assisting Academy



Director of Education/Instructor

Lisa Lehky, DDS


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Dayton, 1986
  • Doctor of Dental Surgery, The Ohio State University, 1990
  • General Dentistry Residency, Western Reserve Care System 1992
  • Graduate Program in Orthodontics Albert Einstein College of Medicine
    • Montefiore Medical Center, 1996



Dean of Students/Instructor

Tiffany Creek, DA


  • Eastland Career Center, 1996





    Gina Dreibelbis, RDH


  • The Ohio State University, 1986





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Administration Hours

Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM

Academic Calendar

Classes are held 2 times per month. Classes are held for 10 consecutive weeks each term. Because of our heavy emphasis on clinical experience in an actual dental office environment, externships are not mandatory following graduation but can be arranged if the student wishes additional experience.



Closed on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July Fourth, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.

Schedule a Visit

If you would like to tour our facility and have questions regarding our program, placement, tuition or instructors, please schedule your visit by calling the school at 330-864-3331.


Admission Requirements

  1. Students must be at least 18 years of age.
  2. Students must have a high school diploma or GED equivalent.




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Student Orientation

There will be a student orientation the first morning of classes. Classes start the first Friday of each month.  During this meeting, we will discuss exam protocols and schedule, absentee & makeup, lecture and clinic protocols, student complaint procedures, grading system, classroom and lunch breaks, cell phone use, textbooks and handouts used, verify student enrollment data and complete any additional forms needed.


Course Hours

DA 1.1 Dental Theory and Terminology 10 Hours DA 1.2 Receptionist / Front Office 10 Hours DA 1.3 Four Handed Dental Assisting 20 Hours DA 1.4 Radiology 10 Hours DA 1.5 Cements and Liners 5 Hours DA 1.6 Impressions and Model Trimming 5 Hours DA 1.7 Sterilization Techniques 10 Hours DA 1.8 Pharmacology and Anesthesia 5 Hours DA 1.9 Job Interview and Placement Assistance 5 Hours DA 1.10 Externship Program 40 Hours


The course numbering system uses a five- or six-digit alphanumeric identifier. A clock hour is defined as a minimum of 50 minutes of supervised directed instruction and appropriate breaks.








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Program Outline For

Entry Level Dental Assisting


DA1.1 Dental Theory and Terminology


  1. Dental and oral anatomy, tooth identification and numbering system
  2. Anatomy and physiology of the head and neck
  3. Instrument nomenclature and identification for all aspects of General Dentistry
  4. Dental terminology
  5. Equipment operation, chair positioning, assistant equipment usage
  6. Treatment options available, depending on oral conditions


DA1.2 Receptionist–Front Office Management


  1. Phone techniques and appointment book control
  2. Billing; accounts receivable and accounts payable
  3. Filing insurance forms and pre-treatment estimates
  4. Insurance terminology


DA1.3 Four Handed Dental Assisting


  1. The taking and recording of vital signs
  2. Hand washing techniques and practices
  3. First aid training and emergency care
  4. Instruction in HIV/AIDS awareness/prevention
  5. Safety techniques while working in the laboratory or with patients
  6. Instrument transfer techniques, chair-side assisting and patient suctioning
  7. Body mechanics for the patient and assistant
  8. Tub and tray systems of instruments and materials


  9. Familiarity and use of instruments and materials inassisting for: 1.Operative Dentistry – amalgam and composite fillings 2.Oral Surgery – instruments, procedures and post-op protocol 3.Crown and Bridge – impression taking, temporary fabrication, cord packing, hemostatic agents, introduction into various crown types 4.Endodontics – instruments, medicaments and materials; how and why they are used 5.Periodontics– disease origin and usual treatment methods 6.Pedodontics – commonality and differences in treating children vs. adult patients



DA1.4 Radiology - 35 hours

  1. X-ray theory: how x-rays are produced, radiation exposure, staff and patient protection methods, use of Rinn holders and other methods
  2. Comparison of dental Xray exposure to other types (hospital) of x-rays
  3. Digital x-rays: digital sensors
  4. Viewing x-rays on a computer
  5. Identifying teeth using anatomic landmarks on x-rays
  6. Intraoral, bitewing, panoramic, and endodontic exposure methods
  7. Developing x-rays using the automatic processor
  8. Darkroom care and maintenance
  9. X-ray interpretation, safety and precautions
  10. Review of common errors in x-ray technique
  11. Students will perform an acceptable digital panoramic x-ray and at least two complete digital FMX sets, consisting of 18 radiographs each

DA1.5 Cements and Liners – 10 hours

  1. Introduction to various cements and liners used in dentistry
  2. Practice mixing cements and liners


DA1.6 Impressions and Model Trimming

  1. Impression materials and practice in their uses: alginates, polyvinyl silicone, etc.
  2. Wax bites, counter impressions
  3. Model pouring and trimming








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DA1.7 Sterilization Techniques

  1. Sterilization theory and terminology, autoclave operation
  2. Instrument and equipment sterilization/disinfection
  3. Treatment room disinfection and asepsis techniques
  4. Handpiece care and maintenance



DA1.8 Pharmacology and Anesthesia

  1. Functions of pharmacology and anesthesia as they relate to dentistry
  2. Common drugs or their reactions/allergies as they relate to dentistry
  3. The use of PDR (Pharmaceutical Drug Reference)
  4. Topical anesthetics and their proper application/side effects


DA1.9 Job Interview and Placement Assistance

A. Proper image, dress, resume, and how to prepare for the job interview process

B. Difficult questions you may face – how to answer them

C. Do’s and don’ts during the interview


DA1.10 Clinical Externship Program

A. 40 Hours spent in a working dental office

B. Perform all tasks learned in class












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Standards of Satisfactory

Progress and Completion


A graduation certificate, letter of recommendation, and pin will only be awarded to those students attaining a 70% or above grade average. Those students whose grade average is below 70% will not receive a certificate and letter of recommendation but will be allowed to retake the entire program (if desired) at a reduced fee of $3000.


A mid-term and final written examination will be given at the midpoint and end of the program. Each is worth 33 1/3% of the final grade. The final 33 1/3% of the grade is from a practical exam given on the last day of the program. Should the student receive a failing grade on the mid-term examination or is not progressing in a satisfactory manner, the student will be informed in writing and be given an opportunity to raise their grade on the final written and practical exam.

The grading scale used is:










Below 70%





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Sample Certificate Awarded

A certificate similar to the one shown here will be awarded upon completing the program with a passing grade.  Upon successful graduation, you will be deemed certified in Dental Radiology by the Ohio State Board. Below is merely a sample.
















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Tuition and Financial Arrangements

The tuition and application fee for the Entry Level Dental assisting program offered by this institution is as follows:

Application Fee $100

Tuition and all other fees $4275


The above tuition covers all costs for the program.  Lunch is not provided, however several eating establishments are within short walking distance.


The tuition may be paid using one of the following arrangements:


  • Application Fee $100


  • Paid in full at the time of registration $4275(includes all other fees, see enrollment agreement)


  • CareCredit


The program will run ten (10) consecutive weeks, eight classroom hours per week for a total of eighty (80) classroom hours of instruction.  This will include lecture material as well as clinical "hands on" training.  In addition, there is approximately 60 hours of home study plus an optional 40-hour externship where you will receive practical on-the-job training for a total of approximately 180 program work hours.




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The Tuition Fee includes all the following: $4275

  • Textbook: "Modern Dental Assisting”, Torres & Ehrlich, 12th Edition (Saunders) Published 2018
  • Textbook: "Concepts in Dental Assisting", Richard Erickson, DDS, 5th, Edition (DCI Publishing) Published 2018
  • All training and visual aids, materials and dental supplies used in the clinical training.
  • Use of all equipment and instrumentation with actual "hands on" training during the program of study.There are no hidden costs or expenses once you get started.


A Certificate in Entry Level Dental Assisting, Dental Assistant pin, and a letter of recommendation outlining your training and experience will be awarded to all students who have attained a 70% or above grade average. The following skills are taught in our program: X-ray training in accordance with state regulations as well as training in all phases of General Dentistry, including, Endodontics, Crown & Bridge, Cosmetic Bonding, Amalgam Restorations, Impressions, Oral Surgery, Periodontics, 4-handed dentistry, Front Desk, and much more!

Actual clinical experience and live patient practice will be taught during a 40-hour internship in a working dental office.

All training is done by dental professionals in an actual practicing dental office and classroom.



Transfer of Credits

Previous credits are non-transferable

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Refund Policy

  • If the student is not accepted into the training program, all monies paid by the student shall be refunded. Refunds for books, supplies and consumable fees shall be made in accordance with Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10.1.
  • There is one (1) academic term for this program that is 180 clock hours in length. Refunds for tuition and refundable fees shall be made in accordance with following provisions as established by Ohio Administrative Code section 3332-1-10Schools with academic programs based upon credit hours should use the credit hour refund policy.}
  • (1) A student who withdraws before the first class and after the 5-day cancellation period shall be obligated for the registration fee.
  • (2) A student who starts class and withdraws before the academic term is 15% completed will be obligated for 25% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  • (3) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 15% but before the academic term is 25% completed will be obligated for 50% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  • (4) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 25% complete but before the academic term is 40% completed will be obligated for 75% of the tuition and refundable fees plus the registration fee.
  • (5) A student who starts class and withdraws after the academic term is 40% completed will not be entitled to a refund of the tuition and fees. The school shall make the appropriate refund within thirty days of the date the school is able to determine that a student has withdrawn or has been terminated from a program. Refunds shall be based upon the last date of a student’s attendance or participation in an academic school activity.





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Physical Facilities and Equipment

Our school is in a modern, 2000 square ft. facility. There are 5 fully functional dental treatment rooms, each with its own x-ray machine and computer with digital x-ray, in addition to dental chair, doctor and assistant stools, and 4-handed delivery systems. In addition, there is a panoramic x-ray machine, dental lab, separate sterilization area and fully computerized business office. The business office has four phones and lines and two copy/fax machines. Classes are taught using power point presentations in a lecture room.  As part of the tuition, the school provides two dental textbooks to the students at no additional cost. Clinical exercises are taught both in the dental treatment rooms and in the dental laboratory. Scheduled breaks will be taken in the classrooms. There are three modern restrooms at the school which include handicap access. Our training program occurs in a real working dental office with state-of-the-art equipment, including digital x-rays. All graduates are certified in Radiology in accordance with Ohio State law with the Akron Dental Society and are trained in all phases of General Dentistry including Endodontics, Pediatrics, Oral Surgery, Crown & Bridge, Periodontics, Restorative, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Bleaching, Impressions, Temporaries, Sterilization, Record Keeping, Charting, and much more. Our graduates are employed by not only general dentists but all the specialties of dentistry as well. Our students have extensive hands-on experience with actual chair-side, 4-handed assisting, emphasizing proper instrument transfer techniques and the correct use of HVE suction.

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Student Grievances

Should any student, during their study, have a problem or grievance with the curriculum, school policy, instructors, or students, they should seek to address this grievance with the director to resolve it in the following order:


  1. If a student has a grievance, then they need to speak to the instructor or whomever they have a grievance with.
  2. If they cannot resolve it then they should put in writing to the Director, the nature of the complaint. Then the director will respond in writing to the student within 7 days the decision or outcome.
  3. If at that point the student is still not satisfied, they should contact our The Board of Career Colleges at 614-466-2752










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Placement Services

Placement services shall be provided to all graduates at no charge.

No guarantee of job placement to graduates will be made but every effort will be made to help graduates find a position upon graduation.

Dentists in the area will be made aware of our school and will be advised when graduates are available. Every effort will be made to provide qualified entry-level assistants to any dentist inquiring about availability from our school.












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Policy on Student Conduct

Students will be expected to be prompt for all classes and to avoid any behavior that would disrupt the learning experience for all students. A written warning will be issued should there be unacceptable behavior, tardiness, or insufficient progress. A student can be dismissed, at the discretion of the Director, for insufficient progress, nonpayment of costs, or failure to comply with the rules. Should the student demonstrate in the future that the problem has been corrected and will not occur again, the student may then be considered for readmission to the school. 











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Learning Resource System

We use the following materials provided to the students as part of their tuition as their learning resources:

“Modern Dental Assisting”, Torres & Ehrlich 11th ed., Elsevier Publishing Co.

“Concepts in Dental Assisting”, Erickson, 4th ed., Dental Careers Publishing

In addition, the following handouts are distributed to students throughout the course:

Clinic Rules, Course Schedule, Student Conduct Guide, Useful Internet Links, Tooth Identification Practice, Lead Apron Article, Tongue Piercing Article, Xray Practice Quiz I, Xray Practice Quiz II, Extern Programs, Heartland Dental Recruiting contacts.







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Student Records


Student records will be stored digitally at the school facility and provide for the permanent storage, retrieval, confidentiality, and adequate protection of student academic records. All records will be housed in a locked, concrete, fireproof safe and will be available to students upon their request, and to interested dentists upon written permission of the student concerned.










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