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How Braces Improve Your Smile 

Whether you’re looking for an Akron orthodontist for yourself or wonder which orthodontic treatment is right for your child, it’s common for patients to have questions about how braces work. Braces are orthodontic appliances that are made up of many different parts that work in unison to align your bite and straighten your teeth for a healthier and more attractive smile.

The Different Parts of Braces

Conventional metal braces and ceramic braces are both made of the same moving parts. Even though each individual part is small, each part of your braces is very important for bringing the teeth into proper alignment. The different parts making up braces includes the following.


The archwire is a thin, strong and flexible wire that is threaded through each bracket. When pressure is applied to the archwire, the teeth are gently guided into their ideal position.


The bands are designed to anchor the archwire and the rest of the braces system to your mouth. A band is a ring made of metal that is custom-fitted to your molars. Bands are attached to the molars using a special adhesive that contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decalcification.


The brackets on your braces are the metal or ceramic pieces that are bonded to each tooth to hold the archwire while guiding tooth movement. Brackets also come with built-in hooks to hold the ligature ties in place.

Ligature Ties

Ligature ties, often called O-Rings, are small rubber rings designed with the purpose of attaching the archwire to the brackets. O-Rings come in a wide variety of fun colors, allowing patients wearing braces to have some fun while they’re improving their smiles. Sometimes a fine ligature wire tie is used to achieve more activation of the archwire into the bracket.

Coil Spring

The coil spring is a small part that is fitted over the archwire and between the brackets. This part of your braces helps control tooth movement.


Hooks are on each bracket and are designed to hold the elastics in place over the archwire.

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