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At Drs. Najem and Lehky Orthodontics, we offer professional orthodontic care to patients of all ages out of our local offices in Fairlawn & Cortland, OH. When you choose us, you get an experienced team that has helped countless patients achieve new smiles, backed by the most advanced orthodontic technology available to ensure that you get the most effective care available.

One of our most popular and unique treatment options that we offer are Incognito braces; a different type of treatment that places the brackets and wires on the back of your teeth. This allows teens and adults to achieve the perfect smile that they want, without anyone knowing they’re undergoing treatment! To learn more about Incognito braces, check out the information below.

How Do Incognito Braces Work?

Since they still use a system with brackets and wires, the core principle of how they move your teeth still applies: applying a small amount of targeted pressure to your teeth in the direction that they need to move, shifting them to their new ideal positioning. However, one of the main differences for Incognito braces other than their positioning on the back of your teeth is that each bracket is custom made to fit securely and comfortably along the surface of your tooth. No two brackets for Incognito braces are the same, each being shaped similarly to the exact shape of your tooth which allows the brackets to stick out less compared to traditional braces while ensuring that your teeth move in the most efficient way possible. Overall, the system is highly effective, which is why our Warren, OH, orthodontist recommends this treatment to adults and teens who prefer more discreet treatment.

How Much Do Incognito Braces Cost Compared To Normal Braces? 

Incognito braces are made from gold instead of stainless steel like you would find with traditional metal braces. Gold is often used as an alternative material in orthodontic treatment since it’s non-toxic and non-reactive so it is safe coming into contact with various foods and drinks, and also prevents irritation for patients that may have an allergy to nickel. However, gold is a more costly material, making Incognito braces more expensive compared to regular braces.

Also, since each Incognito bracket must be custom formed to the shape of your teeth, it takes more time to craft each piece to ensure the best fit. This customized feature adds to the cost of Incognito braces. All that said, our orthodontist patients who have opted for this treatment claim that the additional cost is well worth the outcome. The braces system is comfortable, it's effective and, best of all, it's incognito.

Ways to Reduce the Cost of Treatment

Our Warren, OH, orthodontist and team believe that cost should never stand in the way of you getting the smile you want and experiencing the most comfortable treatment. If Incognito braces sound like the perfect option for you but the cost is preventing you from going through with it, there are some ways that you can reduce the cost.

First, it isn’t always necessary to get Incognito braces on every single one of your teeth, especially since your bottom teeth don’t always show when you smile. So, getting Incognito braces only on the top arch of your teeth and getting traditional braces or clear braces on your bottom arch is an option that will help bring costs down. Second, if your teeth only need minor adjustments, our orthodontist may recommend getting a smaller set of Incognito braces placed only on the front teeth - Incognito refers to this as the Social Six (cuspid-to-cuspid).

Are Incognito Braces Right For Me?

With so many different treatment options to choose from, it can be difficult to figure out which one best suits your needs. With Incognito braces, you have an advantage over traditional braces by being less visible, and you have an advantage over Invisalign by not having to remember to insert or remove the aligners when you’re eating or cleaning them. Though you should always consult with your orthodontist regarding treatment options, our team often recommends Incognito braces for the following individuals:  

  • Adults who don’t want their braces to show in public.
  • Patients who don’t want to deal with managing removable aligners.
  • Teens who prefer the aesthetic appeal over metal braces.
  • Musicians who play wind instruments and who don’t want braces interfering.
  • Teenagers and adults who play contact sports.

Get Started With Incognito Braces Today!

If you’re ready to start your journey towards a perfect, healthier smile with Incognito braces, contact your Warren, OH, orthodontist at Drs. Najem and Lehky Orthodontics to schedule your appointment. If you have any questions about Incognito braces or orthodontic treatment in general, reach out to us and a member of our friendly and knowledgeable staff will assist you with getting all of the information you need. We look forward to providing you with the high-quality orthodontic care that our practice is known for and transforming your smile!

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