iTero Scanner

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At Drs. Najem & Lehky Orthodontics, it’s our mission to help each of our patients achieve a straight, bright smile efficiently, effectively, and comfortably. We rely on state-of-the-art technology to treat every patient and are proud users of the iTero digital scanner system which allows us to take precise digital images of your teeth, bite, and jaw without the awkward experience associated with trays and impression material. Learn more about the iTero scanner below and find out if orthodontic treatment at our offices is right for you!

How iTero Imaging Works

With iTero technology, we’re able to capture a comprehensive model of your teeth and bite to create personalized treatment plans for every patient. Dr. Najem and Dr. Lehky will use a wand that fits easily and comfortably into your mouth and rest it over each individual tooth. The wand captures photographs of the shape and structure of your teeth which are immediately viewable in our computer system. 

The Benefits of iTero Impressions

The many benefits of iTero digital impressions include:

  • Accuracy and Efficiency: iTero technology eliminates the need for impressions that are often unpleasant. The time you’ll spend in our office will be significantly reduced and the images themselves are incredibly clear. 
  • Tracking Treatment Progress: With the iTero scanner, we can easily share the images of your teeth with you, improving communication throughout treatment and allowing you to see you orthodontic progress in real time. 
  • Invisalign Compatibility: The cutting edge system is extremely compatible with invisalign treatment! After we take your scans, they are sent directly to the lab where custom aligners are created with extreme precision, ultimately shortening treatment time. 
  • Improved Patient Experience: More accurate scans result in more effective treatment for both our Invisalign, Incognito, and braces patients. 

Get Started On Your Orthodontic Journey Today! 

If you’re ready to take the next steps towards achieving the smile you’ve always wanted using the most advanced technology available, you’ve come to the right place! Visit our local orthodontic offices in Fairlawn and Cortland, or schedule an appointment online to learn more.